Being engaged is a very exciting experience and having an engagement session is the perfect way to  celebrate this part of your life. Having an engagement session is perfect practice to become comfortable in front of the camera before your wedding day. As a photographer, I want the process to be as seamless as it can be. Therefore, having  this time for me to work with you and having you practice posing together is essential. It will also give me an idea of what your tastes are as well. 

An engagement session is nothing but fun!  Having engagement photos taken is a perfect way to enjoy each other and get away from the stress of planning a wedding.  What is even better is that the photos from this session can be used for save the date cards, guests books, and any other wedding items that you may need or want.

Sounds great, right? Before we meet to take some beautiful portraits, here are some tips to think about before your shoot:


Scheduling your session

The best time to schedule your engagement session is during the week. Weekends can be tough due to weddings taking place. The best time to take photos are two hours before the sun sets, so it's the perfect time to meet after work. 


Think of Locations That Reflect You and Your Fiance's Personality

Did you two meet at a local coffee shop? Do you two like to be in the great outdoors during your free time? When thinking of locations/themes for your engagement session, it's always fun to incorporate your relationship into your photos. Think fun local date spots, possibly the area you got engaged, the restaurant/coffee shop where your relationship blossomed, a favorite local vacation spot. 


Choose a color scheme that reflects your wedding day

When choosing your outfits, consider wearing colors that are similar to those you'd like to use on your wedding day. Engagement photos are great for using on save-the-dates, guest books and prints to use as decor throughout your reception. 

Plan for a couple different outfits

Since we have two hours during our session together, feel free to bring a couple different outfits to switch things up. Maybe you can start with something a bit more casual, like a summer dress or jeans and dress up in a suit and beautiful dress for the second half of your session. Try to avoid matching too much, logos on t-shirts, and clashing prints. If you're having trouble thinking of the perfect outfits, let me know! I can throw a few ideas your way.


Go for glam

Professional hair and makeup really does make all the difference. If you can swing the extra expense, it will really add the extra pop to make your photos breathtaking. If pro hair and makeup just isn't in your budget, consider using SPF free foundation, which tends to add extra shine to photos. Also, try to use lighter eye colors and eye liner, as darker, smokier colors can lead to black eyes in your photos. Sephora carries awesome makeup kits to get you started.


Bring something fun!

You and your fiance are going to be the main focus of your engagement session, but why not add a little something special to spice things up! Thinking of the park? Let's set up a picnic! What about a coffee shop? Have the barista make a design in your latte. Do you have a four-legged furry friend at home? Bring them along! Just one tip though: make sure the props are timeless. That will keep your photos from looking dated in the future.